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Yoga in New York

New York is a city full of charm, but the busy lifestyle can be too stressful, so you must look for ways to counter it. For example, yoga in New York is an interesting way to balance your life. There are many causes of stress, from the traffic jam to pre-menstrual syndrome. Yoga is a spiritual, physical and mental discipline that helps you reach a state of tranquility and spiritual insight.

Yoga in New York

Yoga history was originated in India. Researchers found stone seals that depict figures of yoga poses, and they probably existed around 3000 years before Christ. However, some researchers believe that Yoga has its beginnings in Stone Age Shamanism. Both yoga and shamanism are related with ways of improving the human condition.

There are different types of yoga:

Anusara Yoga: This type of yoga was born in 1997, so it is considered as a relatively new form. The goal of Anusara is to open the heart and try to connect you with the divine.

Hatha: You can easily learn this basic form of yoga. It is very popular in New York as source of aerobic exercises. This type of yoga includes Pranayama (regulated breathing), Asanas (postures), kundalini (Laya Yoga) and meditation (Dhyana & Dharana) to get self-realization and enlightenment.

Anusara yoga

Ishta: It is an integral science of hatha. This type of yoga uses meditation, asanas and visualizations to open energy channels throughout your body.

Kripula: It is known as yoga of consciousness. It is used to explore and release spiritual and emotional blockages. This type of yoga has three stages, the first one is to learn the postures and explore your body abilities, the second one is to keep the asanas for an extended time, inner awareness and developing concentration, and the last one is a meditation in motion.

Kundalini: This type of yoga is to awake the energy at the base of your spine. A class also includes meditation, chanting and breathing exercises.

Svaroopa Yoga: the main goal of this type of yoga is to promote transformation and healing. If you want to practice svaroopa yoga, this type uses a chair poses to begin, so it is quite easy.

As these styles, there many are others such as prenatal yoga and yoga hot. The first one helps to improve the meditation, breathing, strengthening and stretching techniques during pregnancy. The second one helps to clean and strengthen the heart and internal organs, and to improve performance in hot weather.

All yoga types are to improve your health, so you must be very careful with practice of yoga. If you are looking to lose weight with yoga practice, it is important take care of your diet, especially control your daily calorie needs. Could be very useful use a basal metabolic rate calculator that will detail exactly what the maximum amount of calories you should eat if you want to lose weight.

Also, you can use videos and guides, and consult a specialist. However, if you are not completely convinced with yoga, you can do other activities such as dance therapy and massage therapy.
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