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Recipes of New York gastronomy are as varied as the state cultural and ethnic diversity. Besides, in the city that never sleeps the tourist can find any type of food, from simple salads and breaded vegetables until pastas and stews. Of course, if you would eat some of these delights, you can visit some of the most famous restaurants in New York or you can take Note about these recipes, the best expression of the cultural and ethnic conjunction that New York represents.

Therefore, all kind of foods and dishes in New York, have influences of many cultures because the 70% of New York population are immigrants or immigrantís descendants from many parts of the world. Through the United State history, all of them contributed with their manners and influence to enrich the cuisine Yorker. In this form, we can find singular dishes that remember us the cultural great richness of New York.

In the capital of United Estate, the dishes, delights and desserts from every corner of the world are present; and we bring the recipes of these delights and the most popular dishes here.

The cuisine of New York City comprises many cuisines belonging to various ethnic groups that have entered the United States through the city. Along with the Statue of Liberty, yellow cabs and skyscrapers, food is a quintessential component of New York City. The city's status as a cultural melting pot means you can eat your way across the globe within the confines of one city, taking in some rather iconic dishes along the way. Analyze NY recipes using nutrition facts tool, including food labels, calories, protein, fat. know what you eat.

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 New York City Hot Dogs  New York Style Clam Chowder
 New York Knish  Waldorf Salad
 Eggs Benedict  Steak Diane
 Vichyssoise  Bloody Mary
 Lobster Newberg  General Tso's Chicken
 Reuben Sandwich  New York-style Pizza
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