New York travel guide



New York Travel Guide

When to come to New York?

New York has many and a different attraction that is not a problem the time or season of arrives to the United States capital. The city that never sleeps, offers attractions to enjoy it in anytime, cold time or hot time however the most expert travelers affirm that the best time to visit New York is around spring and autumn. The city has a humid continental climate therefore the summer and the winter are feel very hard in this region with an important factor, the humidity, because New York is located in south part of Hudson Bay.

In this way, this city experience very intensively every season, winter, summer, fall and spring, therefore, in Spring, between march and june, the weather is temperate and soft with abundant rainfall, otherwise, in fall, around September and December, the weather is fresh and drier, especially in Central Park, where many people go out to take a walk. However in summer, since June until September, the days are very hot and humid therefore this time is perfect to practice aquatic sports, trips on boats, inter alia. Otherwise, in winter, around December and March, present since 15 until 20 degrees below zero, of course, the snow and wind storms always are present in these times.

Generally, the weather of New York is rapidly changing, therefore, is very important bring different type of clothes, to rain, to snow inter alia. Good shoes, to take a walk around parks, streets and parks, otherwise if you want visit museums, expositions or art galleries, comfortable shoes, is better. This rule is applied to Clothes, too. Of course, in winter you can practices ski through the Ski slopes, the most famous is located in Central Park, otherwise, in summer, you can go to the zoo, visit New Jersey, inter alia.

However, find a city with few people in determinate season, is impossible. New York has a great popularity around the world therefore in any season of year New York always has an important number of tourist and visitors, especially in places where a high level of tourist current, for example: Empire State building. Besides many European people visit the capital of United State in their time of vacation, between June and September, therefore in these times one can find many European.

In conclusion, the seasons friendlier to tourist are the months of May, June, September and October, in other word, during spring and fall when the weather is more pleasant. Of course, in these times the gardens and parks show its better faces to tourist and visitors of the Big Apple. Is known throughout the world that New York suffer intensively the summer and winter weathers, therefore if you have any consideration disease, is better avoid these two season and try to travel in another part of the year. However, New York is available during all year to receive people who wants knows more about the city that never sleeps.

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