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Theatres in New York

New York City is famous all over the world thanks to its theatre performances. The Theatre scene attracts millions of viewers who come from different parts of the world. For the theatre lovers, there is no greater thrill than going to the theatre in New York City.

Tickets are easy to find for most productions, excepting for the most popular productions that can be very difficult to find, in these cases you might want to order your tickets before going to New York.

Theatre places in the New York City are referred to as Broadway, Off-Broadway and Off-Off-Broadway theatres.

Broadway refers to theatrical performances presented in one of the 39 large professional theatres with more than 500 seats in each; although it is defined not by location, most of the theatres are located in the Theatre District around Times Square near Broadway, it extends from 40th street to 54th street, and from east of 6th Avenue to west of 8th Avenue. Broadway theatres usually offer spectacular productions with professional actors, top quality sceneries and dance performances.

Off-Broadway theatres offer a wider range of productions in a smaller and more innovative atmosphere; they can seat 100 to 500 people. The productions may be musicals, comedies or serious dramas; Off-Broadway is identified as the birthplace for numerous now-famous musicals and plays such as A Chorus Line, The Fantasticks, Hair, Avenue Q and Little Shop of Horrors.

Off-Off Broadway refers to theatrical productions including plays, musicals or performance art pieces performed in about 200 smaller theatres, vacated basements, warehouses, lofts, church halls and other unorthodox spaces. Venues with less than 100 seats are classified as Off-Off Broadway. The quality of the production and of the talent varies considerably, performances ranges from professional to extremely amateur productions. Some of the plays are experimental or avant-garde.

The subways are also occasional stages for loveliness performances and guerrilla theatre.

Publications such as the New York Times, the New Yorker magazine and several Broadway web sites offers useful information about productions currently held. Remember, no visit to New York can be successful without seeing at last one theatre performance.

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