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New York Travel Guide

Nightlife in New York

New York is widely known as the City that never sleeps, and you can check it as you have de opportunity to enjoy one night in New York; bars, clubs, discotheques, pubs, and whether establishment that works at night will provide great options for tourists and not just on weekends, but all days. One of the best attractions of New York is its nightlife and here we provide some information to make a wonderful and an unforgettable experience.

Manhattan is one of the most vibrant places of New York when it comes to nightlife; there are sophisticated places and a great number of bars; places like Joe’s Pub, preferred by some celebrities too and Nightlife czar Serge Becker, a great place to dance till late-night and learn salsa, especially on Fridays, when salsa night starts at 11:30 pm; other place is Temple Bar, located in 332 Lafayette Street, the bar offers a great selection of cocktails such as margaritas, martini and it has an ideal atmosphere that characterized as an affair bar.

You’ll find in New York:

  • Music Venues: Live music can be enjoyed at Madison Square Garden, where one can enjoy presentation from U2 to Madonna, you must get here. Other places are 9C, Acme underground, Brownies and more.

  • Places for young people (under 21): Those establishments admit the entrance of 16 years olds at least on certain nights. Bam Café, Blarney Star, Café Wha? and more.

  • Jazz clubs: New York is widely known for being the hub of Jazz music, places such as: 55Bar, Arthur’s tavern, and more.

  • Bars and Pubs: You can enjoy of the most entertainment and well-implemented Bars and clubs, pretty cool places with the best music and cocktails.

  • Bowling Alleys: An entertainment activity that you can enjoy at the best places that are open into the wee hours, such as: Bowlmor Lanes and AMF Chelsea Piers Bowl

  • Comedy Clubs: The top venues, where one can find the best comedians are: Caroline’s located in Broadway, The Comedi Cellar, and Gotham Comedy club, Comix, DangerField’s and more.

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