New York travel guide



New York Travel Guide

Eating in New York

The New York Gastronomy is like its demographics, mixed, which is why any domestic or foreign visitor will be well served with the food of New York. The diversity of restaurants in each of their neighborhoods makes New York enrich the gastronomy in U.S. And you can taste the best of its courses visiting the city by Cheap flights to New York.

New York City is multicultural in each of their regions, and therefore has different culinary cultures in each of their neighborhoods. Some companies offer a culinary tour where you visit the different neighborhoods trying each of the foods that characterize every neighborhood. The main colonies immigrants risk their food habits in each of the neighborhoods where they belong. In New York on 36% of the population is foreign born and the state of New York is the third state with the most immigrants in the USA. Among the countries that most immigrants to New York this matter: Dominican Republic, China, Jamaica, Guyana, Pakistan, Ecuador, Haiti, Trinidad and Tobago, Colombia and Russia.

New York City also has typical food of the ethnic groups that lived first in New York City and the creations of New Yorkers chefs that made. That also took some mixtures of different colonies turning in their typical food. For example we have these different dishes: Waldorf salad made with apples and other nuts with lettuce, Asian sushi meal but modified in the United States by the same colony in Asia, beef with rye bread and pickles on vinegar. One of its top performances, clam chowder served with crackers, the meat pie called Dim Sum, but done with steam. The pizza, Pretzel and like any U.S. city fast food one of its main attractions.

Cooking schools

Cooking schools in New York

Research and compare cooking school locations, culinary degrees offered, cost, facilities, class size, and reputation to find the one that will help get your career. Almost all cooking schools are accredited throughout the world and will train you to be the head chef of your own fabulous restaurant.

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