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New York Travel Guide

Festivals in New York

Nueva York is one of the most interesting cities to visit in The United States. It is a dazzling city, modernity is its principal characters but New York has tradition and costumes, too, hereby many people and visitor tells that New York seems an ancient city. The cause, every neighborhood have its different costums because in most of them, live immigrant people of various parts of the world. Therefore, New York has a variety of festivals and celebration during year and all of them have distinct origins.

Most festivals and fest are celebrated in the famous Fifth Avenue. Since 1824, this avenue is principal stage to develop lavish parades of actress, actors, politics, athletes, businessmen inter alia, besides all New York people can participate of these parades. New York, the city that never sleeps, is a well-earned title because the city has many festivals and fest that not enough time to sleep. Below, we have a selection of the best festivals and celebration in the World capital city, New York.
  • The Saint Patrick's Day

  • Despite being a typical Irish celebration, New York has the most popular activities in honor of this Irish holyday. In this day, the Fifth Avenue is dyed green and all New Yorkers begins to drink Guinness beer, in an act of happiness and joy. The St. Patrick's Day Parade starts in fourth and fifth avenues and advances through all fifth avenue until 86`s street. The origin of St. Patrick’s Day begins when, in 1762, Irish soldiers came out New York streets to march with their green uniforms. Also, in this day, many music bands, military corps, firemen and much more participate of St. Patrick's Day Parade.

  • Thanksgiving Day

  • It is one of the holidays most popular in all United State and the most original celebration in New York. The origins of the Thanksgiving Day goes back to finish of the harvest. Every fourth Thursday in November all American and specially the New Yorkers prepare a generous dinner with different dishes and sweetmeats; however the principal character here is the Turkey. At least 35.000 turkeys are cooked and baked in this special day. Of course in New York, The Parade of Macy´s Malls is a unique show, with music bands, famous celebrities, giant puppets, clowns and the same New Yorkers.

  • Chinese New Year in Chinatown New York

  • Since remote years all Chinese communities celebrated this day that indicate the beginnings of New Year in China. In this day the Chinese try to scares the bad souls with fireworks, therefore the second week of February all Chinese, who live in New York, meet in the narrow streets of Chinatown in New York to see the great red dragon chasing a red ball or a white pearl. Behind of the great red dragon are people playing drums while dancers holding large heads of lions, made of paper. In conclusion is amazing ritual that any New Yorkers and visitors want not to lose.

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