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New York Travel Guide

New York Beaches

New York Beaches are locate strategically to be an escape from New York noise and busy rhythm of life; in total, there are almost 14 miles of beaches, as Ney York is surrounded by water, youíll find several opportunities to go to the beach, which are accessible for free.

Beaches have some rules in order to ensure the safety of the visitors; some of these precautions are: Learn to swim before you visit the beach, swim only when lifeguards are present, not swim alone, swim sober and if you have children, then supervise them. And for protection from the sun and the overexposure you must drink water, use sunscreen because sunburn is very painful, use sunglasses to protect your eyes and wear clothing to keep cool yourself.
The people of New York are usually very careful, they are very conscious of having a healthy body and be low in fat. The percentage body fat is the amount of fat as a proportion of your body weight: your total mass of fat, divided by your total body mass. How much you weigh is not the key; rather, what you are made up of is the key. Reducing excess levels of body fat has shown to reduce the risk of diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer.
Healthy ranges for body fat are: Underfat: Below the healthy body fat range, increases risk for health problems. Healthy: within the healthy body fat percentage range for you age and gender. Overfat: Above the healthy range. Increased risk for health problems. Obese: High above the healthy body fat range. Greatly increased risk of obesity-related health problems. Use this free Body fat calculator to know your body fat percentage.

Most famous beaches in New York

Coney Island Beach

    Coney Island Beach is a wonderful place to spend a day with family, although itís busy during summer months, is a destination you can enjoy any season (if entrance is permitted). We recommend visiting this beach in June or July, because there are some special events such as: The mermaid Parade and Siren Music Festival or the Friday night Fireworks, other attractions at the island are: the New York aquarium, the wonder wheel or the Cyclone and why not taking a swim in the Atlantic Ocean.

Long Beach

    Long Beach located along the Oriental Boulevard famous for being a place with sandy beaches and the boardwalk, where you can enjoy a happy, safe and healthy summer with your family. Long beach offers several attractions and activities for tourists, such as: free summer concerts, surfing facilities and other events

Manhattan Beach

    Located in Brooklyn, the city is a popular summertime destination among locals and foreign people. At 14 miles from the beach youíll enjoy several facilities for playing sports, volleyball, baseball, tennis, hand ball and more at Manhattan Park. If you come to the beach you must consider that hours of attention are from 10 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.


    You may find over 7 miles of beach in Queens divided in: Rockaway beach, Jacob Riis, Fort Tilden Beaches. In which you can surf, take a sunbath, and enjoy landscaped walkways, boardwalks, courtyards, and walking tours. Remember that Fort Tilden Beach zone is a place where is not allowed to swim because thereíre not lifeguards.

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