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Military Schools in New York

Military Schools in New York Do you have vocation to serve your nation and follow a regimen tough? Then joining the military is not easy in anyway, it requires a compromise and discipline. Many of the military schools in New York are renowned because of its strong values such as: honor, loyalty and ethic work between its students.

During the XIX century and almost for one decade between the 60ths and 70ths, many military schools in New York had to close their doors due to social and economic factors, people were not interested in doing a military career, causing in military schools bankrupt. That is the reason that nowadays the choice is limited to 45 military schools in New York, and they are categorized as:
  • Boarding schools
  • Magnet schools
  • School for troubled teens
  • School for boys
  • School for girls
  • Public or private schools

For the admission in military boarding schools the minimum age is 12 years old and 17 years old as top. But in general for any military elementary school the perfect age could be 17 years old. Many of the military schools in New York require that its students serve in the military after their education is completed, and take in consideration that the U.S Army sponsored it. Other institutions realized invitations to compete for admission to other countries through the American embassies.

Take into consideration that international students are received in private or public military schools, and the first thing is contact with U.S Defense Attaché Office at the American Embassy of your own country. Some general requirements asked for the majority of schools in New York must include:
  • Be between 17 and 22 years old.
  • Be single and not have any legal obligation to support children.
  • Have a national-level government official; it will be your sponsor.
  • Prepare a resume and some cover letters. You can use some cover letter templates.

Military jobs Public or private military schools are compared with reformatory schools, but in New York military schools are used to minimize in children the tendency of engaging in criminal activities as adults. Check this information out and get information yourself about the main characteristics of a military school to be part of the society as a military professional and how to find military jobs in accord to your own skills. Remember write a professional cover letter to apply for a military job. You can use some cover letter templates to get a professional result. Pay attention to this cover letters and personalize them.
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