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Golf Courses in New York

Golf Courses in New York New York is one of the most important golf destinations in the world. The city has many Golf Courses that attract golf lovers from all over the world; thatís why some of the most significant professional tournaments are held in this city.

A golf course occupies a large area and it is generally composed of 9 or 18 partial paths; that is the reason why some golfers, instead of walking, use motorized cars. These cars are more comfortable and allow people to spend more time playing than walking from one point to another. At the end of each of these routes there is a hole in the surface. The final goal in golf is to introduce the ball into the hole by a stroke or successive strokes, by extension; each of these courses are also known as partial holes. If you are a beginner in this sport, is highly recommended to find a good golf instructor, in order to get useful golf lessons and Golf Tips before jumping into the field.

There are a lot of good golf schools in the city, but the most popular way to learn how to play golf is by taking private lessons. These are much more expensive, but they will surely make a true golfer out of you in no time.

Best golf courses in New York

In New York City you can find five of the most prestigious Golf Clubs from the United States. All of them have some of the most appealing and best golf course in the country; that is why golfers from all over the world travel so many miles just to visit them, and to have the chance to practice in these fields. In addition, some of the most important tournaments in the world are held in New York.

This is a small list of some of the best Golf Courses in New York:

Douglaston Golf Course: formally North Hills Country Club; it is located in Queens. This is the most popular course and the second most active area in New York. This course offers a country club experience at a fraction of the cost.

Forest Park Golf Course: Also located in Queens. It was proclaimed the best golf course in New York City by Golf Guide U.S.A. This golf course has the distinction of being the only fully lighted course in New York. This facility also contains a beautiful mini-golf area that features waterfalls, bridges and streams.

Kissena Golf Course: Itís the newest golf course; it has a new and highly qualified staff to help you improve your style of golf. The conditions at Kissena have never been better.

Van Cortlandt Golf Course: It is one of the oldest golf courses in the EE.UU. This course is the most popular because it is easily accessible, and it holds very popular events.
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