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Employment in New York

Employment in New York One of the main industries in New York is the IT field; this includes computer programming and the nanotechnology. There are many degrees available for students who want to work in these areas; many important Universities have big faculties with new equipment and the necessary Technology to build many professionals in these fields.

In the last five years, unemployment in the USA has reached 9%, but job positions in private companies increased, if you have a good educational background and enough work experience you have to be careful about your resume, so you can get a job interview and will have more opportunities to get the job position.

You can begin your job search process in different ways, you can do it by the traditional way, looking job vacancies in newspapers, or you can do it by internet, looking for some job offers in many New York job offers websites, just take a look and you will find many of them, and another option is to be in contact with some employment agencies which tend to be highly specialized, they are the connection between employers and jobseekers, so if you donít want to waste your time then you can contact one of these agencies and send your resume.

Also, employment agencies in New York have a list of candidates with specific qualifications, skills and experience. If an employer is looking for someone with your profile then they will contact you or will send your profile directly to the company, thus you will have more options to get a job interview.

In order to get a job interview, you must prepare a great resume and make a good impression; to have a wide job experience itís not enough you also need to know how to place it in your resume the right way. During the interview, sell yourself. Emphasize your best qualities, skills and mention your professional experience. Show confidence and maturity.

On the other hand, a good and interesting option to get a job is by looking for New York state jobs. These job opportunities will give you important tools to succeed professionally. If you feel interested in state jobs, you can research information online.
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