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Education in New York

Education in New York Education in U.S.A
USA is currently the most important World power, this country invest a lot of money in education and development of new technologies Due to this fact some of the most renowned Universities, technological institutes and business schools are located there. Since many years ago education is compulsory and free in USA and it is regulated by three following systems: Federal, State, Local.

Students should complete 12 years of compulsory education if they want to go to universities.

Why study in USA

USA is definitely one of the most coveted places to study. Moreover this country has the world's largest international student population, because many foreign students want to study in USA. One of the main characteristics in USA education system is the great quality that universities and colleges offer to their students. Finally these educational institutions provide many scholarships and financing aid for outstanding students.

Education in New York

There are many public and private institutions which provide education services in New York. This city is known by its department of education which is the largest in the world. In New York you can find important research centers and renowned libraries such as the New York Public Library, The Brooklyn Public Library and the Queensborough Public Library. Furthermore many New York universities are ranked in university rankings.

Choosing a university is an important decision for everybody then it is better to think about it carefully. In NYC you can find interesting university courses. This is a list of colleges and universities in New York.
  • Columbia University
  • New York University (NYU)
  • Bramson ORT College
  • Briarcliffe College - The Queens Center
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